About us

Motorsport. Simple word.

Motorsport is our passion and pure fascination. Find what CASELINER products and motorsport teams can find and experience at the sporttracks everyday. Our story is coming direct from the race track. Our principle is simple, always get the most out of everything we do and produce. Just from the beginning we have decided to translate our passion into the endurance products and success to the teams. Our principle is born on the race track and you can find him in every single one of our products.

The future is out there in front of us, but at CASELINER is also inside of us. We can feel what will come and we are working with greater power and efficiency with more ideas for you.

Our harmony of design concept is achieved in perfection when our unique clean design follows the function.

We at Caseliner know, that the form follows the function. We work during your every day´s routine in garage, important testing days but what is the most important: during the race when every split second counts.

We produce motorsport products for reasonable costs, with higher than known general standards with all aspects of quick delivery.

All our products are designed and produced for everyday usability. Whatever the weather or any other conditions. Our products are made to be proof, day by day.

Using of unique way how our products are working in every detail and with expression of freedom and attitude to racing life. Realization of simple dream.

Our brand is friendly and it is very important for us to be wide anchored in society.



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