RACE 780

RACE 780
RACE 780

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Race GT 750E system is a communication system that offers a complete connection between the pilot and team-manager. The kit includes the necessary elements of a complete system at a very affordable price. Car Kit installation has a fixed 12V. Available in UHF or VHF channels.


  • 1 x radio in the car RR780 / 12V
  • 1 x AV anti-vibration mount radio in the car
  • 1 x Complete wiring in the car
  • 1 x button to link to the steering wheel
  • 1 x antenna on the car with cables
  • 1 x wiring to the pilot's helmet
  • 1 x headphone foam for the pilot
  • 1 x professional HEADSET - headset / microphone for team manager
  • PIT 1 x transmitter for team manager
  • 2 x chargers

  • Operating frequency: 138-174MHz or 400-470MHz for UHF channels
  • Channels: Wagon - 99 / Pit radio - 16
  • Output: Wagon - 5 to 25 Watts / Pit radio - 5 Watts
  • Weight kit car: 950 gr
  • License: Dear by application to the National Communications Authority.
  • Kit includes transport case - flight case.


  • we can program your own frequencies approved
We supply equipment to other members of the team, walkie-talkies, HEAD SETS, etc. Please contact us.



Standard cable with a microphone in the helmet the pilot. Includes 4-way connector NEXUS.

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Foam, gently shaping the headphones with quality cabling and gold-plated RCA connectors.

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